Oneplus Nord CE 5g Device – A Review

Oneplus has just launched the much anticipated OnePlus Nord CE 5g and OnePlus U1s in India. The smartphones have been launched by Oppo and Vodafone. The features which come along with the phone are impressive. They are different from the standard smartphones being used by people in the market right now. The main highlight of these phones is the Secure Computing feature. The Secure Computing feature ensures that the users are able to access their data without being affected by any kind of third party applications that can compromise their privacy.

Oneplus has bundled theroid energy oneplus nord ce 5g management app with the phone. This feature helps in reducing the power consumption and it also helps in saving the battery life. The Oneplus phones also support the android interface standard, allowing you to use most of the android apps which are available on the market currently. The features like the camera, gyro, music player and the keyboard add to the appeal of this device.

The Oneplus devices are one of the best cheap phones available in the market. They are not only inexpensive but they offer you high end technologies, entertaining applications and innovative features which make them unique. The Oneplus models like the Oneplus 2, Oneplus U2 and Oneplus Nord CE have many unique features like the front touch glass, the dual camera system, the fluid touch screen, the multi-orientation Android interface and the multi-touch display. Many of these features are exclusive to the Oneplus models and the company is fast taking the share of the smartphone market.

Oneplus devices run on the solid state platform and run on the new version of Android, namely Kit Kat. It is based on the Kit Kat technology and the operating system is based on the Linux kernel. It offers a very smooth and fluid user interface, excellent web browsing and video playback along with the multi-orientation Android interface. It comes with a memory expandable memory card and has preinstalled Google Android Software Kit Kat 4.3. Oneplus Nord CE, the winter version of this device comes with a bigger memory and runs on a newer version of the Android operating system.

When it comes to the camera, the Oneplus devices come with 16.2 mega pixel rear cameras and they are accompanied by optical zoom and digital zoom. Oneplus devices have a large LCD screen which is capable of being used as a notification panel. It also comes with an external speaker port, USB dock and a headphone jack. The Oneplus Nord CE comes with a dedicated dialer which enables users to dial the number using voice commands. It is the first smartphone that comes with this feature.

The Oneplus devices have been loaded with the latest versions of Android operating systems, such as Jellybean and Kit Kat. They come with a dual LED flash, called the Charcoal Screen, which provides better images than the traditional camera. The camera has a very well laid out design with a metal body and has a very attractive and user friendly interface. The other highlights of this phone include the fact that it comes with a self-timer, so that you can record events even when you are asleep. The Oneplus nord ce 5g also comes with a charcoal ink filter which provides excellent pictures.